Tomi House, A Story Of Small Beautiful Place in Echigoyuzawa

Tomi House
Tomi house will bring you a peace feeling. Looking at this mini house will make you feel homey. Mainly if you love the Japan house, it is a perfect place to stay.

Tomi house is a simple design that made to show a natural cemented house can look so nice. Therefore, the building is actually have no painting. Such as shown in the below figures. The overall concept is to define the base material as it is. Take a look further for more description of the house.


The house is locate in Echigoyuzawa, Japan. A housing area that calm and quiet. The design is bring by Takeru Shoji Architects, which show the strong Japanese simple concept. If you feel curious with the pictures, see the below figures.


The house concept to bring the bare material combine with the interior. The designer want to show it as it is. Where this minimum design can be so sophisticated when combine with the perfect interior. Such as combining the cementing with natural wood. This creates a unique architecture and rare design. See below for more details on the house concept.


The overall design of the house architecture also simple. It show a minimalist style and common modern simple Japan house. Such as shown in the below pictures. You can see the minimum design works perfectly and bring a beautiful view at night.


The house consist of several rooms. Inside the house, you can see that the overall design is keep to be minimum too. The wooden stairs combine with the white wall color. Making the room looks simple but clean and neat too. While the other parts of the house also keep minimum. Therefore, it needs not much additional design interior inside it. With this simple style, it able to look nice and adore. Such as shown in overall pictures below.

Tomi house is a good selection for those who loves calm ambience. Choosing a bright calm color will make you feel peace and no worry. This is inline with the Japanese living concept who balance the emotion. All is capture through the house design concept.

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