The Prefab Home, A Landscape Desert With Minimalist Style

the prefab home
If you see the prefab home, you will amaze with the landscape dessert. The house surround with a land with Joshua tree, surrounded by mountains. Not to mention the dirty road next door.

The prefab home is a project focusing on a house in the middle of land dessert. The house is minimalist with several modern touch inside it. Therefore, anyone who stays here will never feel bore or afraid. See the below pictures and explanation for more information.


The Prefab house locate in Los Angeles. This is a new design concept by Leslie Longworth that try to develop a retreat house in the middle of remote area. Therefore, the house is the only building in the area. Plus, it is in a historic community.


The overall concept of the house is to manage a traditional site building and change to a new minimalist concept house. Therefore, the entire interior look dramatically new and modern. Plus, it brings a lot of privacy for anyone who want to stay alone in the house.


The house has a beautiful details in general. The unique concept also great. Such as in the below pictures where the bath room feels like so close with the natures surround it. All the interior is full of bright color and the minimalist concept is so strong. See the below pictures to give more brief on the details of the house.


The house has several main rooms. Such as the master bedroom, the bath room and a family room inside it. Those rooms all design with a fantastic minimalist and beautiful design. Check the picture below for a more clear describe of the area of the rooms.

If looking at the entire Prefab home from the outside, nobody imagine the inside. Therefore, it is a good thing to see the whole overall concept of the house design in details. Therefore, you can see the total modern design created for the interiors.


Jeanne Meadow

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