The Little House, Small Urban Residence With Big Terrace

the little house
The little house is a house stand in limited site area. The house is design to accommodate many rooms needed by the owner. Therefore, it needs to optimize the available land size.

The little house have a good concept of building a house. Even though it has small area, it still able to provides various rooms inside the house. It also has a great big terrace to seek around. Take a look below if you want to know more details about this living place.


The house is locate in Tokyo, Japan. The house concept and design is made by Takuro Yamamoto Architects. Later on the house is written by Archdaily to show the brilliant idea behind the design construction. Take a look further the below picture.


When we look at the details, actually the house is build with funny and excellent details. Such as the circle hole inside the house that allow people to see to the other part of the house. Take a look in below picture. While the terrace also big enough to have a conversation or having guest coming. All is paint with white base color for brighter appearance.


The house concept is actually to optimize the available land. Therefore, even it has small area, but the house has a big terrace to bring a pleasant wide feeling. It also complete with large window so that you can freely look at the outside. See below pictures for a better clear concept of the house.


There are some rooms inside this house. Not only have enough space to perform many things, the rooms also have a white base color for the wall. Therefore, it can look clean and neat all the day. See the below pictures for more information about the rooms inside this place.

The little house is a comfort place to stay even it has minimum total space. Completed with a big terrace and window, it will manage to bring a better overview on the surrounding area. Therefore, this concept is suitable for a house that stand in a small land residential.

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