The Jungle House, An Extra Ordinary House Architecture

jungle house
The jungle house is a unique house architecture that base on simple building. But, the house is full with plants that can be see from the outside. The concept is more to a green house, plus it adopt minimalist style.

The jungle house is a perfect place for those who love the green concept. Filling the windows with many plants making a simple architecture looks unique and different. It also make the entire overview of this place look fresh too. For a more details pictures and overview, the paragraphs below explain further.


The house is located in the middle of Darlington, Sydney. It is another cool concept and architecture by CplusC Architectural Workshop. It even announce as the Winner of the 2019 MBA Design & Construct Excellence in Housing Awards in 2019 at World Architecture Festival.

jungle house


If looking at the details, it can see that the details inside the house is full with a natural style. The wooden ceiling and wall making the place feels like in the middle of a forest. This concept is clearly shown in the below pictures.


The overall concept also to bring a simple minimalist house too. It has a quite spacious space for doing daily activities. Therefore, not only feel fresh, but it also modern and sophisticated at the same time. The pictures below describe this concepts in more details.


The house has several rooms. They are including living room, master bedroom, the bathroom and a small bedroom. Each rooms decorate with green plants and added with wooden interior. Therefore, the overall jungle ambience can be feel in each area of the house. See below pictures for better overview.

The jungle house is an alternate design if you want a green home living concept. The interior also a good sample for a natural style. The combination in each interior helps anyone living in the house feel comfort and fresh all the time. Therefore, if you wish to get a fresh concept, this interior design can be a perfect style to follow.

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