The Best Ergonomic House in Town, Drolet

People may feel query how good is an ergonomic house is. But, this shall not be questioned when you can see the real house that has been build here. Not only suitable for working and living, it brings a great optimum concept and area.

Another projects develop by La Firme and Appareil Architecture to create a great design of ergonomic house, Drolet. People might query how an ergonomic house can develop exactly. Apparently, it is answered through looking the house design. Therefore, it is better to check on below details of the house for a reference. You might feel surprise how a minimum space can be this ergonomic and stylish.


The concept design of this house is to get a simple minimalist ergonomic house, Drolet. Means that every one living in the area can do quite many activities without getting any barrier. Such as in below picture where the area look comfort and spacious. Even we know the available place is actually limited. But, the ergonomic house, Drolet can finalized the concept very well.


When we look at the details of this ergonomic house, it is clearly showned in the picture below. The working area, the stairs location looks optimize. Plus the concept of the room is also simple. Therefore, it bring a good atmosphere to stay the whole day in. With a minimum place to design, giving the suitable wall base color is important. Choose a light white color can be a great option so that the room looks wider.


The rooms are comfortable enough, with a design of compact style. Such as the area for the library below. As the space may not be sufficient, arrange the best furniture is necessary. Try to create an ergonomic furniture too to accommodate the needs on everyday activity. Therefore, minimum space in your house will not be a barrier for a maximum activity. Plus, you can add an open ceiling for a unique sensation while reading the books. Such as in the below picture.

Overall, even the space is not too big, but a good design can help to manage a cool ergonomic house, Drolet. Whether arranging the stairs, the hall and all over the rooms. The house can be a good example for those who expecting minimalist style of living.

Source : La Firme

Jeanne Meadow

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