T House, A Simple House in Nakayama

T House
T House is an example of a simple house. They who loves to have a minimalist design shall try to follow the concept. Not only minimalist, but it also bring the beauty of natural material.

T House bring a good simple concept that show a peace living. Surrounding by other housing, the place is locate in the corner of the street. Even the outside look so minimum, but when you look inside, the house is very pleasant. Check out below for more details on the house.


The house is located in Nakayama, Japan. That is why the overall concept is almost similar with most Japanese modern house. It is another interior design and architecture that done by Takerushoji. Take a look further the details of the house in the below figures.


Actually, the house concept is to bring a good ambience with a perfect warm lighting. You can see the entire room inside the house is dominant with warm yellow lighting. Combine with a natural wooden floor that makes the overall color seems warm bright. See the details of this concept in the below figures. Be ready to feel amazing!


The overall design in the inside of the house is also minimum. Such as the open space area in the middle and a simple place to sit next to the window. It gives people chance to look at surrounding. Such as shown in the below figures. You can even see the complete wooden kitchen set that match with the overall wooden floor. The overall interior of the house is minimum but able to provide maximum comfort feeling to stay.


The house also complete with several lightings. Including in the middle area of the house. There are some warm yellow lighting at the center of the house. Such as shown in below pictures.

T house is a nice place to lives. Therefore, if anyone wish for a simple concept with great warm lighting, then this house is a good sample to folow. Overall, even the outside look small, but the inside will make you comfort to the maximum.


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