Splow House, A Comfort House In A Narrow Place

splow house
Splow house is a minimalist house that have 2.5 floors to accommodate a modern living. The house build with a minimum cost, but apparently success to provide an excellent result. Not only look stylish, but it also comfort to stay.

Splow house is a house that stand in a narrow land. Therefore, to accommodate this issues, the house is develop with several floors. The concept is to bring the fresh air coming in. For more details of the design and concept, you may take a look further on below paragraphs.


The house is locate in Tebet, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia in the middle of crowded residential. Design by Delution Architects, the house is noted in Arsitag as a great living place with minimum budget to build it. See below pictures for more details on the house architecture.


Inside the house, we can see a good details develop as the concept. Such as the optimize area in the below pictures. Where you can see that in each floor, there is an area for something. Whether it is a kitchen, living room, or a terrace. All design with combining a modern concept together with natural material.


The design is to bring a simple minimalist idea inside the house. Therefore, it has not much interior except for the basic furniture and several little details in surround it. Such as shown in the below figures. You can see a simple stylish furniture placed in each floor and room.


Several rooms provided in the house to accommodate the needs of living. Such as the master bedroom that design with simple style but comfort and sophisticated. A large window is develop facing the outside to bring a great view every morning. While the bathroom is design with a modern style wearing large window glass to replace the door.

Splow house is a sample of an optimum house develop in the middle of small land. Even inside the house consist of several floors, but from the outside is looks like ordinary two floor house. Not only a modern living, but it also a great design and architecture inside.

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