Small Home With Live in Foundation, A Japan Simple And Minimalist House

small home
A small home has been build by optimizing the area with providing a double height living place. Not only a simple design, it also show a maximal function of the house. Furthermore, it has access for a fresh air and open window to seek around.

The small home in Japan is a common place that build for a small family. This is to accommodate minimum space in most of Japan residential area. The concept is to bring a modern living with minimalist design. The details overview on this design can be found in below paragraphs.


The house is locate in the city of Ounuma, Japan. The house is design by Takeru Shoji Architecture and captured by Deezen to give the young couple an optimum small house. For more details on the house overviews and appearance, take a chance to sneak out the pictures below.


Inside the house, you will never expect that it has smart design. Full with a modern interior arrangement, the house feel comfort and pleasant. Such as the open space area below. You can see there some carpets all over the room for maximum comfort feeling. Not to mention the natural ambience created from the wooden material around. You can even find children tent and hammock for the best experience.


The concept is actually to optimize a narrow and small land. Therefore, it provides two heights building with a wide window for a better living experience inside this small place. Design with a careful landscape and setting, the place look amazing and very nice inside.


Even the small home develop with minimum rooms, it doesn’t make the place looks bad. But, it have a beautiful view of concept and a nice relaxing feeling for the owner. Such as you see in the below picture, you will interest to stay inside this home.

The small home concept can be sophisticated and satisfying when you know how to properly arrange it. Whether the exterior nor the interior design of the house. Adding the traditional ambience inside the house will be a creative idea to make it as comfort as possible.

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