Skyspace House, The Modern Living Inside The Nature

Skyspace House
Skyspace House is a modern house locate in the middle of nature. Surrounding by plants and tree, the outside area of this house bring a very fresh air. While the interior inside the house is so modern and comfortable.

Skyspace House is a good concept of modern living that blends with a surrounding nature. Taking a minimalist concept apparently making the designer of the house not forgetting the natural idea. That is why it elevate perfectly with the ground area surround it. The details description of the house is explained in the below paragraphs.


This house is located in Sydney, North Shore. Designed by CPlusC Architectural Workshop. It brings a unique design and concept of minimalist architecture with specific minimalist interior too. The surrounding area of the house is a natural plants and tree. This can be see in the below pictures.


The details of the house including a minimalist ceiling with grey base color. The window also symmetric and the elevation of each floor is well planned. It can be seen below that the stairs elevation is not just minimal, but also look good at the other side.


The concept of the house is actually to bring the feeling of blending with the nature. But, this concept is not forgetting the modern aspect of the house interior. Therefore, it can see below that the design is combination of modern minimalist style with a natural wooden style. See below for more details on the concept.


There are several rooms inside the house. Overall the concept of the room is to provide an open space area to perform family gather and else. Therefore, there will be sufficient place on the house that wide enough for the entire family. The concept of combining white wall paint and wooden ceiling add the ambience of fresh nature. Such as shown in below details.

Skyspace House can be a good reference for those who wish a good sample of modern interior combine with a simple minimalist architecture. It also a good living place that surround with a beautiful nature. Therefore, the overall area indoor and outdoor is comfortable enough.


Jeanne Meadow

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