Shiro House, A White Base Interior With Meaningful Design

Shiro House
Shiro House is a nice house in the corner of the street. It is precisely in the residential area of Narayama. Design with a great concept and interior, it bring a beautiful house with white base color.

Shiro House is another Japanese house that simple but adorable. It brings the overall concept of white color. Since Shiro in Japanese means white. Therefore, it brings the white color base interior in a simple modern Japan house. See below for more details of this house concept and design.


The house is located in Narayama, Akira City, Japan. It is one of Takerushoji design for a small Japan family. Below is more details of the house figures. It can see below how simple is the house, but look amazing, beautiful and adorable.


The overall concept of the house is to match the base white color with other interior. Such as a mini black wall below to add some different details inside the house. While the floor is using wooden parquet for a more natural look. Not to mention the kitchen area that simple but modern and neat. See below figures if you want to know more on the details.


The details of the house interior also nice. Such as the stairs below that paint with white color to match its surrounding wall. While some wooden material is added to match with the minimalist concept. To inline with the house architecture, the ladder made as a triangle and bring a unique design to follow.


The house has two floors and several rooms. Such as shown in below pictures. The main bedroom adopt the original Japanese bedroom that simple and wear tatami for sleeping. While the other rooms also complete with several windows to allow lighting from the sun coming inside. Furthermore, the window allow us to see the beautiful of surrounding area. See below figure to check on the various rooms of Shiro house.

Shiro House is another Japan house that will make you feel happy to live there. Full with white base color room, the house has more meaning in each interior and exterior. Overall, it creates a nice living place that modern but also meaningful.

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