Rooftop House, Utilizing Extra Space On Above

Rooftop House
Rooftop house is a nice concept when you only have minimum land space but need to get more room. Therefore, adding more floor including in rooftop area can be an option. For further details, you may want to check below explanation first.

Rooftop house develop from the idea of having more spaces in the house. This rooftop is a great house that suitable to look around. Including to see all the environment surround you. That is why the house is completed with this area. It is a great idea to enjoy more environment privately. Take a look further below.


The house locate in Japan and stand in a very small land. Therefore, they have no option rather than add more floors in the house. Design precisely by Another Apartment, this concept is one of the unique idea catch by Archdaily. Check out below for more details.


Looking at the entire details of the house, there is not much things to consider. As the house is using a basic paint all over the world. Plus, it has natural wooden touch for better overview of the area. See below for more details on this house.


The concept of this house is actually to give spare in the rooftop area. So that people can go upstairs and enjoy the surrounding of the house. Not only that, this allow the owner to have more fresh air experience whenever they need it. Even living in a small land doesn’t mean they loose all their chance to know how cool is the place is. Take a look more at this pictures.


There are several rooms in the house. All have a good arrangement and interior. Even the big window in the corner is a great place to have a relaxing moment in the afternoon too. See below for more figures.

Rooftop house is a good idea when you living in limited land. Therefore, no need to worry of any spacious place to enjoy your surrounding. Choosing to sit down in your rooftop in the afternoon can be the smart solution offered in a small land housing.

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