O House, The Private Residence With A Natural Architecture

O house is a one great house architecture in Japan. Bring a minimalist black color concept, the house successfully provides a great ambience. Whether in the outside, or also in the inside. Take a look below.

O house provides nice landscape. It also showing the urban living concept through the design and architecture. Simple, minimalist, and dark color outside. But when you in the entrance, it suddenly gives you warm ambience.


The house is locate in a peach garden country house in suburban Niigata, Japan. Showing a black color exteriors from the outside, apparently the inside part of the house is much more warm than expected. Such as the garden below. Making the design house from Takerushoji looks sophisticated and amazing.


The concept of the house is to show a minimalist contemporary design that combine with traditional Japan style. Therefore, you can see the entire rooms will have a nice traditional Japanese concept in placing the furniture. Furthermore, it also consist of wooden material and provides light wall color. This to bring the people inside a better ambience that calm and peace.


If we look into the details, this house will not leave its Japan style. You can see the entire rooms bring a simple Japanese culture into the house. Start from the living room area, even with a small modern touch. We still can feel the Japan style that consist of minimum furniture for a wide open area when the guests coming. While in the terrace, it has a beautiful mini garden such as simple Japanese garden that express the beauty of live.


There are several rooms inside the house. Overall, you can see all the rooms have a good lighting. The room combines a white base painting wall with some natural details in the furniture. While the furniture are minimum but have maximum function. Even with a small area, but it divided perfectly so all the activity can be performed in each room. See further in below pictures.

O house is another urban living house that design perfectly to show the modern style but with a natural interiors. Therefore, it bring a great combination between modern concept and Japanese simple style.


Jeanne Meadow

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