Multi Function Furniture For A Styllish New Apartment

multi function furniture
Creating multi function furniture for a stylish new apartment always become a great concept. That is why this design is bring to renovate a new apartment in Amsterdam.

The overall multi function furniture is add to the apartment rooms. Not only ordinary, a good details also added. Therefore, the new apartment look fresh, trendy, and minimalist at the same time. See details bellows for explanation.


The unit apartment locate in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is one of the design work of i29 Interior Architects. The project focus in renovate an old apartment. Plus, it needs to define suitable rooms with suitable furniture. The final result as shown below.


The design has a good details to select. The wide open concept with selecting good interior color make the area feel modern. At the same time, it also feel artistic with the touch of the furniture style. See the holes around the furniture, as it creates good effects on the room.


If we looks at the available rooms, the overall design is more to open concept. It bring a quite comfort area. Wide spaces even with not too many area provided. Therefore, it helps the people living in the apartment feel comfort. Not to mention the details selection of wooden furniture. This successfully bring a homey feeling. Such as shown in the kitchen and dining room area below.


Overall concept of the apartment also to get sufficient lighting. Therefore, the light color is select. To make it look better, it combine with black details on each furniture. The concept makes the entire room look modern and stylish. Furthermore, it also able to keep the minimalist design in some area. Such as shown in the below pictures.

From those pictures above, it can be see how beautiful the final design is. Therefore, creating multi function furniture for a stylish new apartment is a good selection. Try the concept for your house will be an excellent choice. You will guarantee not regret and feel satisfy with this selection.

Jeanne Meadow

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