Mo House, The Simple Minimalist Architecture Design In Limited Space

mo house
Mo house is a residential that have minimalist concept design. Not just minimum, it also try to show the optimum function on each rooms inside the house. Therefore, it design and build carefully to suit with the concept.

Mo house shows a good architecture and house concept for a new couple. This bring a nice beautiful living place that have an overall simple design. Therefore, even the house locate in a small land, but the overall concept is amazing and provide high comfort feeling when stay inside it. See below for the details.


The house is locate in Pondok Aren, Tangerang Selatan, Banten, Indonesia. Design by Mande Austriono, this house concept is one of the unique architecture that choosen by Arsitag to publish. Take a look in below pctures to get more information about the house condition.


In each rooms of the house, we can find nice details that suit with the concept. Such as in the living room where you can find simple and minimalist furniture but with small touch of fresh plant. While in the stair to the second floor, there also some plants in the one side to bring a better view and nice ambience there. The same thing happen in the backyard. Even it is narrow, but it quite comfort enough to spend the afternoon here while sitting in the comfort bench.


The house actually design with minimalist and simple way. Such as shown in the pictures below. Where mostly the room only consist of main furniture. The kitchen also minimum and the bathroom also made to be optimum in mini space. See below figures for more details.


The house has several main rooms. Including the master bed room, living room, kitchen, and dining area. All the rooms are painted with white base color. Therefore, it looks bright and neat. Furthermore, there is no partition between each room. All the entire area in the house seem open space such as shown in the below pictures.

Mo house is an overall great minimalist house suitable for urban living. Not only able to optimize minimum land, it also have a great interior design. Therefore, anyone lives here will feel satisfy. Furthermore, it is quite cool and creative at the same time.

Jeanne Meadow

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