Mentana House, Beautiful Way To Transform Old Place To A Modern One

Mentana House is talking about when a new modern concept created from an old welding shop. Therefore, it creates a great blend of house design that will bring people fall in love with it.

Develop with classic concept in the front side and black base color at the backside, the overall look of the house feel awesome. While the room inside also bring a different style and atmosphere. Let’s take a look.


Mentana house has a good concept of changing a welding shop into modern office and living place. The house re-build in 2014 by La Firme and bring an absolute new concept to the inside of the place.

Design and Structural

When talks on the structure, the Mentana house has a strong structure. Consists of two floors, the inside part of the house look minimalist and bright. Not like the first appearance we get when looking at the front view. The room inside have a touch of modern minimalist living. Such as the area below where a light white furniture combine with wooden panel. A little touch of black color at the top of the stair bring a different atmosphere and make the area looks more beautiful.


When we go through all the room inside, we can find a comfy place to stay. Such as the kitchen area that dominant with light walnut color. The floor is grey, combine with bright white wall and white ceiling. Even the space is limited, but it looks quite roomy and have enough space. The overall minimalist concept also can be seen in the dining room area below. Mentana house that combining a natural color with other simple base color can create a nice interior design inside the house.


If look at the details in each part of the rooms, the house have several interesting details. Such as the kitchen area below that has a concept combination of three colors, white, grey and black. Furthermore, some area also dominant with light brown furniture. A metal chair with a modern dine table is suitable to placed in the area too.

Designing a simple minimalist style is never ends up with disappointed. Such as when we look at Mentana house. From a welding shop into a comfy living place. This bring some small prove that anything possible to develop.

Source : LaFirme

Jeanne Meadow

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