Meet Cape Fear House, Sweet Little Bungalow For A Comfort Living

cape fear house
Meet Cape Fear House, sweet little bungalow for a comfort living with a minimalist style. The overall interior making the place look nice. Not only sweet, but it also beautiful and very cozy place to stay.

Cape Fear House is a project to transform a bungalow into a modern comfortable house. The overall space might seem minimum. But, the entire concept making the rooms is suitable to relaxing. For more details, the below paragraphs and pictures shows the whole interior and exterior of the house.


The house is located in Kensington, Sydney. The project is another design that develop by CPlusC Architectural Workshop. The main purpose is to preserve an old 1920s Californian bungalow into a nice modern living place. The details of the house is as shown below.

Cape Fear House


The entire concept of this renovation is to add a modern furniture inside. It also select a natural concept inside the house to make the house owner feel comfort. The combination of wooden panel or floor with minimalist paint color is a perfect choice. Plus, a quite wide open space area is perfect place for a gathering. Therefore, the house look pretty sweet and nice as shown in the below pictures.


The entire design of the house also combine an amazing style. Such as in the below picture where the designer choosing a good choice of furniture. Added by a minimalist style surrounding the area. Making the house not only look nice but feels modern too. Take a look closer to identify the details of this house interior.


This house, as common normal living place, has several rooms inside it. Starting from a comfort master bedroom, up to a modern bathroom. The living room area is quite spacious. While the dinning area is look comfortable too. Even small spaces outside the house is added with mini park. So that the house will entirely look nice and bring a fresh feeling.

Cape Fear House is a good sample of minimalist house but with a great interior. Decision to perform natural interior by selecting wooden panel is a good choice. Therefore, anyone stays in the area will feel comfort and happily too.

Jeanne Meadow

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