Little Simple Beautiful Japan House, Ikenotani, Perfect for Small Family

Japan is a land with many small house around. Such as the beautiful Japan house, Ikenotani below. If you feel amaze how small area can be unique and suitable for living, then you will need to see this one.

The first time you see the house you might doubt this beautiful Japan house. As the house is so small in the corner of the street. Even with a beautiful architecture that minimalist and modern, but most people might not able to think on how a family will live inside it. For those who feel query and doubt, below pictures and concept of the beautiful Japan house Ikenotani is worth to check.


Located in a corner street, the house is a project done by Horibe Associates in Japan. Precisely it build in Tokushima area. Located in a corner of the street, it shows a triangular space and front yard. The side view look so minimum, but overall the house concept is quite private. As there area minimum and simple window around the building. Therefore, it gives enough privacy for living and perform daily family activity.


The overall design of the house is combining minimalist with natural style. It can be see that inside the house, the wall and furniture is dominate with white color. Combine with natural wooden panel that looks awesome. An open space area in each room also making the entire family capable to perform many things in the house daily. Such as shown in the pictures below.


There are not many area inside the house. Therefore, it is only suitable for small family living. Otherwise, there is not enough bed room to develop as the space is limited. However, the bathroom concept is quite spacious. Adding a mirror inside the room will make the area looks wider. Such as shown below.


Another details of the house can be seen in the hall area. You can optimize the area by putting the book shelves in between. While the kitchen also minimalist in the corner. Not to forget optimize all the space within the house. Therefore, you can have many area to perform something without spending too much spaces. Such as the concept of below hall and kitchen, that so minimalist but also look nice and comfort.

From the pictures above, it is now prove that a small area can be so comfort to stay. With the right design and concept, it will make your family able to stay there happily. Therefore, don’t be afraid when you only have a small land to develop. The house above is a one actual prove of small comfort living place.

Source : Horibe Associates

Jeanne Meadow

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