Lipan House, A Minimalist Modern House In The Middle of Nature

Lipan House
When you see Lipan House, a minimalist modern house in the middle of nature, you will feel amaze. The concept of the house is modern, with nature surrounding.

The Lipan house has 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, and 1 partial bathrooms. It has a unique design that really interesting. For more details on the rooms and the house interior, below is several overview on it. Let’s take a look it closer.


The house is another project by Bercy Chen Studio, located in Austin Lake Hill, Texas. This house located in the middle of nature view, where trees and bushes are around. As Texas is really hot, making the weather around the house always feel sunny,


It is a 2,800 sf house for a single family. The concept is by builds two minimalist black stone with an added glass boxes. The house connected by a bridge to an outdoor area. Where you can sit there to see all the natures around the house. Plus, inside of the house is full with modern furniture. Therefore, you will feel homey even the outside sun is hot.

Lipan House


Inside the house is beautiful with minimalist style interior. The house also has a swimming pool outside. Where it locates surrounding with glasses. Plus, the exterior around the pools also look nice and modern. The simple white sofa next to the pool is the perfect place to hang out and have a small talk together. Therefore, this house also a good place to gather. Having a great weekend in the house will be an exciting thing.


There are several rooms inside the house. As mention above, it has master bedroom and bathroom. It also has a beautiful dining area and a great family room too. The kitchen is neat and minimalist, where the entire room looks beautiful and modern.

Overall, staying in the house will bring a high comfortness. The outdoor area also a pleasure place to stay. With this great concept, Lipan house success to create a minimalist modern house in the middle of nature.

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