Light and Blue Interior, A Minimalist Style With Straight Line

light and blue
Light and blue interior is a great selection of theme for an apartment. This shows a minimalist concept and simple furniture. Therefore, it bring a modern ambience but with

Light and blue is another way to design a simple apartment interior. This color combination is a nice way to show a warm unit apartment that suitable for a family. For more details on this concept and how it final looks, check on below paragraphs.


This apartment is locate in Ukraine and successfully show a minimalist design that looks bright and charming. The blue color is a soft one, and it combines perfectly with the overall white base wall paint. Design by Tobi Architect, apparently this modern theme selection is suitable for this medium unit apartment. Check further on below pictures.


If we look into the details, all furniture is carefully select to match the interior. Such as the white chair and desk below that will be in the same color with the wall. While the overall concept of this interior is to show the straight line everywhere inside the room. Such as shown in the below pictures.


The overall concept of this unit apartment is actually to combine bright color base with a soft blue details. It can be seen clearly in the below pictures. Where all the rooms consist of white base color and add with some charming blue in some section. While the parquet floor will bring a unique natural view in the entire look of the rooms. See further on the below pictures. The sunlight from the window has make it more perfect.


There are several rooms inside the apartment. From the pictures below, you can see the bedroom is arranged perfectly to show a simple interior style with a charming look. The color choice are so soft and the overall furniture is quite modern. Those combination bring a beautiful interior that not only simple, but also details. The modern touch is another great idea to add in the rooms.

Light and blue color when combine together will result a beautiful appearance. Such as shown in above pictures. This make the entire rooms inside the apartment look so soft, minimalist, modern but also stylish. Therefore, this is another great interior to follow when this color combination is your favorite one.

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