Jugatsu House, A Combination of Minimalist and Modern Japan House

Jugatsu House, a combination of minimalist and modern Japan House, is an example of beautiful design. It shows a unique and minimalist concept in the middle of crowded area.

The Jugatsu house looks extra ordinary compares to other houses around it. Having a minimalist concept, it also look so modern. If feel curious with the concept, then you might want to see further information about it below.


The house location is in Takatsuki, Osaka. It is another design by Naoko from Horibe Associates. It stays in crowd area and surrounds by many buildings. Therefore, it has limited space to develop. In details, the house location is shown in below pictures.

Jugatsu House


When looking at the concept, it definitely a simple minimalist house. It consists of many rooms but with limited space. The wall color is white to show a minimalist style. Furthermore, it also looks like a labyrinth inside. This is to optimize the narrow area inside the house. However, the concept brings a lot of privacy to the house owner.

Jugatsu House Rooms


Jugatsu House has several rooms inside. Such as a dining room, a bathroom, a master bedroom, and a family room. Without forgetting the traditional Japan interior, the house keep its modern design by perfectly combine it. Furthermore, the color selection is quite match. To combine bright white and natural walnut is a perfect choice.


There details on each room is bring a good concept. Such as shown in the kitchen area below. That optimize a minimum space to put the kitchen set. Plus, a minimum book shelf next to the bed. Therefore, with small area, the house can be complete.

Overall, Jugatsu House success to show a new concept of japan house. It breaks the common design myth by not having too many windows. However, the concept makes the house looks cool. Therefore, it can give a different perspective in designing a house.


Jeanne Meadow

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