Inside Out House, The Modern Minimalist Design Architecture

Inside out house
Inside out house might sound a weird selection of house design. But apparently this design is true. A married couple in Japan decide to have this concept for their house. Living together with two cats, this house is an amazing place to stay.

Inside out house develop based on an idea that cats and human living in the same place. Therefore, it bring the main concept of being inside but with feeling on outside. That is why the house fill with many windows and lighting. For further details of the house, you can see the explanation below.


This house is locate in Katsushika, Japan and stands in an area of 91 meter square. The house develop in year 2010 by Takeshi Hosaka Architects. The concept then details in the Archdaily for a better overview of each part of the house.


As the details is to provide a comfort living place whether for human or cats, then the area inside this place is full with natural interior. Such as a plant tree inside the house, or the wooden material for natural look. Plus, a glass window in the ceiling for best sunlight during the day. Such as shown in the below figures.


The concept of this place is to optimize the open area so that anyone stay here will able to enjoy the view outside. It has many open window plus it consist of bright wall painting. Precisely, the main wall color is white and combine with some wooden material for other details. It also add some fresh plant to give a fresh air experience. Not to mention a simple furniture with same bright color for the best interior. See below pictures to get more info on the house concept.


There are several rooms inside the house. Such as the room below that surround by a glass window for a clear perspective of the entire place of the house. Plus, a glass window ceiling to let the sunshine coming into the center of the house. It gives perfect lighting during the day to perform all the activities inside the place. Take a look into below pictures for a details overviews.

Inside out house bring a great architecture that looks modern and bright. Combining the perfect color and material always success to deliver a comfort place to live. Therefore, try to follow the concept so that you can get a nice living place that minimum but optimum.

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