Inset House, The Natural Modern Intersection Place For Everyone

inset house
Inset house is a sample of great intersection area. Develop with many comfortable rooms, making the house is suitable for the family. It also bring a great interior and selected furniture. Such as shown in the below paragraphs.

Inset house is a two floor house that bring a sophisticate design for the house owner. It shows a green living concept in the exterior part, but comes with natural furniture in the inside area. Therefore, it helps to create a natural ambience in the entire place of the house.


This house is located in Pondok Gede, Bekasi, Indonesia. This design finalize by Arsitag and become one of the favorite comfortable house in the area. Not only being a lovely house, but it also a suitable strategic house selection. As the area is locate next to the main street, it has a good view of surrounding.


When we look at the details, inside the house is dominant with white painting in the wall area. While some of the ceiling is combination between wooden and gypsum. Therefore, inside house creates a beautiful and match each other. Plus, in the corner of the area, next to the window, there is some pots that bring a way to create green environment all around the place. Take a look at below details pictures.


The entire concept of the house is to bring an optimum space that away from the possibility of sun attack. It also want to show the power of selecting white base material. As mention previously that base material can be a great weapon sometimes. Therefore, make sure to carefully asking and make as polite as possible.


There are several commons rooms inside the area. Start from the living room, master bedroom and even the bathroom. All looks neat and clean when combine with white color paint. However, additional touch might require not to confuse during EPCI.

Inset house is a cool design that bring several theme and concept in each of the rooms. However, the main idea is to provide comfort place. Therefore, anyone lives here will feel maximum happiness.

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