House in Toyonaka, An Urban Residential With Monolithic Concept

house in Toyonaka
House in Toyonaka is a house architecture design that looks compact and simple. Not only minimum, but the house also has a basic pattern and color. Such as shown in the below details of paragraphs.

House in Toyonaka can be a suitable sample of simple house that looks minimalist but also comfortable enough at the same time. It shows the offset box concept with an L-shaped architecture. Therefore, it looks so rigid, standing in the corner of the street.


This unique house located in Osaka, Japan. The design and architecture is performed by Dezeen. The style is a little bit different compare to other housing, provides more privacy than other common place. While the wall color is dominantly grey with to tones, light and darker one. Below are several overview of this place.


This house concept is to provide a minimum window as it can be. Therefore, not much area to bring the sunlight coming in during the day. It really provides high privacy for the owner. Therefore, overall it design with minimum opening. Furthermore, it is compact and such eliminate with the other part of the neighborhood. See below details of the overall design concept.


The house is actually stand in a minimum land space. But the design successfully provide various rooms inside this place. Even with limited space it gives complete furniture and details. Such as shown in the below pictures. It also provides enough lighting to compensate the minimum sunlight in all over the rooms.


The room inside this building is having a quite spacious area. The basic painting is white, including white wall, white floor, and white ceiling. While the interior and the base material is mostly made of concrete. This make the room look simple, basic but modern at the same time. See below pictures for the detail.

House in Toyonaka has been successfully show a minimalist Japan style design. It also able to bring a unique rigid architecture housing. With a great combination between each color tone, it creates a monolithic appearance that totally awesome and cool.

Jeanne Meadow

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