Harappa Na Ie, A Unique Natural Design House To Perform Family Acitivities

harappa na ie
Harappa na ie is a perfect place to gather with the family. Create with an open space concept, the place hope to bring a suitable area for the whole family activities. It also beautiful but simple and minimalist too.

Harappa na ie is when you wish for a green living place that surrounding by the modern furniture inside the house. It also gives you an enough space to perform many things. Therefore, if you interest to follow the design, then you don’t want to miss the information below.


This place is locate in Chuo-ku Niigata city. It is another Takerushoji projects which bring a different concept that entirely different with others. It can be see below that the place actually not yet really set up and still developing stage. But to add people’s opinion, it can be a good selection of suitable wall paint and furniture inside the house.


If you want to know the concept, it is actualy to bring a suitable living for a family. There area various concept in Japan and this house is bring an unique concept of architecture and interior of the house. See below for a clear final look of the area.


The details of the house is to bring a bright color for the wall. Such as the white color, that combine with other natural color. The family activities around the house seems unlimited. As there area many things they want to consider when choosing to stay in this place.


The area actually has limited room. But, thanks for the open area of the house. Then now the children will able to enjoy playing in the area. Not need to spend the whole days only in the room. But an enough backspace of the house is perfect for a young couple with some children living with them.

Harrapa na ie is where your entire wish become something real. Especially if through a design house. This make you feel haapy in getting a beautiful house and living. All your activities in the house can be limited. Plus, it also a good concept to relaxing mind for a while when looking at the pictures above.

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