Gosline Residence, The Narrow House With Beautiful View

Gosline Residence
Gosline Residence is a house where you can see a great architecture in a narrow space. The house that stand in a sloping site is apparently can look awesome and remarkable during night and day.

Gosline Residence is a sample that space never be a matter. As the house stand in a narrow area, it able to gives spacious rooms inside. Not to mention the beautiful concept and remarkable overall design of the house. For further details of this sweet home, check the information below.


This beautiful house locate in Seattle, Washington. It lays in a narrow land and part of Bohlin Cywinski Jackson project. Not only remarkable, but the concept is smart and awesome. Such as seen in the below figures, you definitely will fall in love at your first sight.


If looking at the details, the house in not entirely straight landed. It has slopes and mostly consist of wooden material. Plus, it prefers natural basic building material for the entire area.  Such as shown in the below figures. You can see the sloped landscape and the house standard wood panels.


The overall concept of the house is actually to provide an enough open space and window viewing. This will allow people to see around from the inside. It also have a beautiful natural material items. Such as the wooden parquet floor and the natural metal roof. All the doors and the window panels are made of natural wood too. Take a look the detail pictures below.


There are several rooms inside the house. All room is design with a basic concept. Minimalist but bring the nature ambience inside it. Such as shown in the below figures. You can see the open space area using a base wooden ceiling that combine with beautiful wooden furniture. No wonder if the house feels sophisticated.

Gosline Residence is a place where you can spend all the rest of  your life to simply enjoy a beautiful mountain view. This is a great spacious place that will bring you both, relaxing and peaceful mind. The concept is simple, but bring an adorable area, even with limited land space.

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