Gosize Design, The Studio Architects Around A Pound

Gosize Design
Gosize successfully design a combining architect studio with a house. The design is modern minimalist and surrounding by a mini fish pound. Therefore, the building looks creative and comfortable inside.

Gosize design the house with concrete frame. It consist of three levels and have several rooms inside. For further details on the house and studio, you might need to check the overviews on below paragraphs.


This house is located in F Residence, Japan. This is one of the creation of Dezeen that shows a minimalist modern concept in the exterior and interior part of the house. For more details of the house, you can see clearly in the below pictures.


If looking for more details, it can see that inside the house there are several area that very minimum interior. Furthermore, the concept is having minimum window so that it has many lighting around the house. Therefore, even the ambience is quite dark, but the area still get some light from the installed lamp. Take a look below for a clear pictures.


The design concept of this place is to provide an architect studio together with a home living. There is an open space terrace that build to provide a place to see the view outside. Furthermore, the bathroom design with a quite wide space such as shown below. While the furniture is minimum, and the interior full with its natural concrete color.


There are several other rooms inside the house. Including an area to have small chats and conversation between family member below. While there’s also a terrace to see the outside view that rich with sunlight too. It is directly facing the courtyard outside and the only place that an open window.

Gosize Design

Gosize concrete house is another amazing house design. Not only minimum, but it provide nice living area inside too. It match with the concept of urban living in the area. Therefore, working and living together inside the building will never be boring.

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