Go Bang House, A Compact Place For A Little Family

Go Bang House is another unique creation design for those who has small family. Create with a compact concept, the house able to bring optimum benefit even with minimum space. That is why it is a wonderful and amazing place to follow.

Go Bang House is simply build to satisfy a little family so that they can stay inside this minimum house. Not only minimum, but the overall concept is feel simple but modern in the other side. If curious on more details of the house, take a look at the explanation below.


The house is locate in Nagaoka, Niigata, Japan and has been become another Takeru Shoji project. Not only look cool outside, but it offers a nice warm place inside. Therefore, this Japan style house is lovable by many people.


The concept of the house is to bring a simple living place that build with minimalist design. The overall exterior and interior of the house will make anyone living in the area feel happier. Such as shown in the below pictures, where the family room inside the house look so comfort and simply warm. Not to mention a good circulation all around the house and the main wooden material as the basic selection.


If we look into more details, then we can easily find a good interior arrangement inside the house. It still give an enough spaces to perform many activities. In the other side, it consist of some complete wooden furniture whether inside the family room nor the kitchen area.


All the rooms inside the house bring the strong Japan style. Therefore, you will easy to find the Japan concept which shown a simple minimalist place with a great cultural arrangement. Such as the bedroom and the small room next to the stairs below. It brings a great overview of simple modern house interior that works to combine with natural wooden material.

Go Bang House is a perfect place for those who wish a compact minimalist idea in developing a place to stay. Not only minimum, but it shall also bring a beautiful final view and remarkable interior. Therefore, it can make you stay any longer and longer and longer!

Jeanne Meadow

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