Glass Fronted Bathroom, Excellent Idea For Open Air Bathing Experience

glass fronted bathroom
Glass fronted bathroom is a new concept introduce to a house in Japan. This concept is to provide air bathing experience. The details can be see in the below paragraphs.

Glass fronted bathroom is placed in an open courtyard of a house. This make the bathroom locate in the front area of the house. Not only giving a unique sensation, it also a cool idea to try for those wishing different experience when bathing.


The house is locate in Kyoto, Japan and gives some bathing sensation for the house owner. It design by 07 Beach Architecture Studio and detailed by Dezeen for more overview on the concept. If want to know further how the architecture looks at the final, see below pictures.


The house made with natural architecture. It can be seen through the wooden material all over the area. Plus, there is a wide window in the ceiling to let the sunlight coming in during the day. While the bathroom placed next to this area. This allow anyone using the bath will enjoy the sunlight and the natural concept of the house. Look at below picture for a clear perspective.


The overall concept of the house is to give a traditional Japan house living that blends together with natural concept. You can see that all over the area wear wooden material for many items. Such as shown in the below pictures. It gives a strong perspective of traditional Japan house that mostly made of natural wood. Not to mention the wide glass ceiling for a sunlight to coming in.


The house consist of several rooms. Especially the front area with an open space and the front bathroom in the first floor. There are other room which not expose in the picture. Overall, the place is a good house to live in. A unique plant tree is added in the middle of the room for strength the natural feeling when living in this place.

Glass fronted bathroom is a great and new idea to cheat. Providing a bathroom facing an open space area might bring you a pleasant feeling while taking a bath. However, it might quite extreme design for some people. As not everyone loves to bath with this idea.

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