From Office to Home, Convinient Place For A Small Family in Financial District

from office to home
From office to home, it is the offer concept for a young small family. They buy an office and change it to a house. The overall concept of the new home is fantastic.

It is never a simple thing to change from office to home. Try to renovate an office into a great living house. But it is happen in the middle of financial district. A couple buy a nondescript office and turn it into their homey living with their child. How will the house look in final? The below information will make you a clear perception.


This place is locate in a financial district, exactly in New York. The building actually build in 1869. Then the place is renovate and redesign by Jason Klimoski. The overall concept as office is now change into a comfort home to stay.

From Office to Home


The concept is to change the place into a comfort home. Therefore, all the rooms is totally renovate. Start from the living room area, where it was a place for an office. Turn into a comfort place to hang out with the family. Even the area of the office can turns into a comfort bedroom. There also a space for the children bedroom too.


All the interior details are sophisticated. It also look modern and minimalist by adding the wooden panel style. Overall wall color is blend perfectly with the furniture color. Such as shown in the below details. It is so amazing change.


There are several rooms inside the place. There is master bedroom, children bedroom, and the master bathroom. There also a place to have a personal office for the owner. The view from all over the room looks nice and beautiful. Look at the rooms at the picture bellow. All looks amazing.

Overall, to change from office to home need a proper design. All the entire rooms were renovate to bring the best experience of staying. Therefore, the small young family will feel comfort and happy. Such as shown in the above pictures. The office concept totally gone and change into a homey place.

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