Free Apartment, A Compact Stylish Living Place For Young Couple

free apartment
Free Apartment
Free Apartment is design for the young couple that loves a modern interior. The concept is to design a simple interior with modern style and an open space area in all the rooms. Therefore, it will look spacious but also look cool at the same time.

Free Apartment is a good concept that develop for those who loves modern way of living. Full with simple furniture that put together with minimalist style will bring a great final creation. Such as shown in below details.


The apartment located in Dnipro, RC Zhukofskiy. Consist of 50 meter square area, the unit interior is design by Tobi Architects. Not only look beautiful, but it also simple but adorable. Look at the below figures for more view inside the room.


The actual concept of this unit is to bring a homey and pleasant place to stay. It gives a good combination of style between grey sofa and white wall paint. While the other furniture looks match each other and a natural wooden details is added into the area. Take a look closer on the apartment details below.


The design of this unit actually to bring an accessible place to the entire room of the apartment. It also to bring a stylish appearance for any guest coming to the area. See below details if you feel query on the design. Take a look at the big comfort sofa that suitable with the entire interior.


There area several rooms inside this apartment. Including a bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen area and the dining room. All combines perfectly with a great modern touch interior. Therefore, it looks simple but really sophisticated. Furthermore, it bring a great open space for the entire family activities. Making the unit apartment looks wide and comfortable enough.

Free Apartment might able to be your inspiration whenever you want to have a simple unit apartment in the middle of the city. Showing the modern style of urban living is a common ways of current interior design. Therefore, it brings the whole room looks modern and artistic too.

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