Eco A-Frame, The Glamping Cabin in Australia

Eco A-Frame is a place for getting an escape. A perfect place to forget all your business and enjoy the nature to the max. Therefore, it bring a new sensation of camping experience.

Eco A-Frame is another way to discover the sensation of a luxurious camp. It offers both, beautiful view and great house interior. For more details of the camping concept, check the below explanations.


The place is located in Kimo Valley, Australia. It is actually a camping cabin that design with great interiors by Boutique Homes. Not only look awesome and unique, it is also so beautiful. You can see the whole camping concept that feel nice and so luxury.


If you look at the house concept, it is a great place located in the middle of a heaven surrounding nature. That is why the place is suitable for vacation and spending weekend. The overall concept is to offer people enjoyable and comfortable place to run out your daily routine.


Looking at the house details will make us fall in love at the first sight. See below pictures that describe how beauty the sky is when you decide to stay in this camp. Not only that, it gives sensational experience to hang out with the nature for few days. See below pictures for details.


The cabin is actually minimalist with minimum room inside it. However, it doesn’t erase the beauty of the place. It also shown how simple the inside of this camp. With a majority design and architecture of wooden stuffs, it bring the house so close with the nature. See below for more details of the pictures.

Overall, Eco A-Frame is a perfect way to enjoy the beautiful nature in sensational way. Therefore, it is a great way to enjoy the landscape together with having a great experience to have camping inside a nice well planned interior house.

Jeanne Meadow

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