Casa Avana, A House With Surrounding Natural Atmosphere

casa avana
Casa Avana is a place where anyone will feel the beauty of nature blended together with a simple house in the middle of it. Not only will bring a beautiful view, it also able to give you a great fresh air everyday. Especially when you wake up and realize, you are in the land of god.

Casa Avana is a simple minimalist house that build in the middle of rice fields.


The house is locate in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Known as the land of god, Bali is always a remarkable place to stay in. Furthermore, the house is another way of enjoying the bless of nature in this place. Design by local architect, the place is captured by Architag as one of the remarkable design house which blend in nature. See below picture for more details.


The house details is to provide simple minimalist house in the middle of rice fields. It build not only to provide a comfort living place, but it also has some area to seek around. Such as in the second floor that locate in the middle of the building. You will able to find a spot to check on your surrounding beautiful view everyday. It even completed with a swimming pool that facing the open rice field area for a new great experience of swimming. See below pictures for this details.


The concept of the house is actually to bring luxurious feeling in the middle of natural living. That is why the house is design properly with simple sophisticated modern style. Completed with many facilities to make anyone lives here feel happy and satisfy.


Inside the house there are several main rooms, such as the bedroom, bathroom, dining area and the living room. Several room pictures provided below to give you information on the interior. Overall, the design interior is selecting a white color based combine with natural wooden material. It also has several open space and large window to check on the beautiful view outside. See below pictures to convince you the idea.

Casa Avana is another beautiful house design and architecture that meet simplicity and nature. Therefore, it gives a great living experience everyday. Forget about the problems, forget about the tiredness, living in the place giving you an absolute calmness and relaxing mind. Absolutely!

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