A Mountain House in The Austrian Alps, Full of Nature Modern Design Concept

mountain house
Not everyone able to design a mountain house in the Austrian Alps. With a natural concept but completed with modern living inside, this needs to consider many aspects. Therefore, it is one of the challenging architecture and interior design.

The mountain house in the Austrian Alps basically develop for a family house. Therefore, it shall embrace the landscape. Including it needs to be well function. If want to know the specific details of the house, it will be shown in the below pictures.


The house is another project done by an architect Sigurd Larsen and placed in Austrian country. Apparently the concept is to look a nature fresh and, the area is not too crowded. Furthermore, it can consider stands in the middle of nothing.


The design of this house has a unique concept. Overall, the designer plan to develop a contemporary home for a small family. Therefore, the concept is more to relaxing feeling and a simple minimalist design or furniture. This can allow the user to feel comfort staying inside the place. All of the furniture prepared accordingly to manage a nice stay for the home owner.


Another details of the house is the main glasses window combine with a black wooden exterior. From one side it looks ordinary, but from the other side it looks better and more modern. Check on the below details for more pictures.



There are several rooms inside the house. Mainly the master bedroom, bathroom area, living room, and many more. Therefore, the rooms are quite many and depends on each family member needs. There also a natural design of kitchen area. So that it looks so interesting by selecting a warm walnut kitchen set and dining table set.

From the explanation above, it can be seen how beautiful the concept of the mountain house. Therefore, it is a good way to manage a cool place in a cool area.


Jeanne Meadow

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