A Courtyard House, When A Mini Park Is Inside Your House

courtyard house
A courtyard house develop by bringing the mini park as part of the house. Not only look beautiful and fresh, but it also a different interesting design to follow. Such as happen in this place of Kobe, Japan.

A courtyard house idea is coming from the famous Japan architecture. It shows the beauty of nature exactly in front of your eyes through the wide window facing the back yard inside the house.


This simple house locate near the Tsukimiyama Station in Kobe, Japan. The actual concept is developed by Tato Architects that details in Deezen for a better overview. The place is locate in crowd full area of Japan, but when you enter the inside, it feels like being in quite natural place. Take a look further in below pictures.


The house bring a great concept of optimizing narrow space with a fresh mini garden. This will let anyone living in the house feel fresh and relaxing. Since the green plant become a great view whenever we feel tired. Such as in the below pictures, where you can have your daughter play a swing inside the house, plus you can watch her freely while having lunch through the wide window.


The house design with a cool park in the backside of the area. Therefore, people lives inside the house can enjoy the mini park while doing a lot of activities inside this place. See below details if you feel curious how the mini park extend as the part of this house. See how the sunlight can be freely enter the house especially to the mini park area.


This small place have several rooms inside the house. Including the bedroom that design with bright concept. There is a window that allow the sunlight to coming in, while the overall wall paint is bright white. Not to mention the natural furniture made of wood for the bed area. It combine with white matrass that very match and look clean and neat. See below picture for better information.

A courtyard house is an interesting concept to develop in the middle of modern living place. Not only to bring some refreshes, but it also a never think idea that fabulous. Therefore, it can be a concept to follow when you interest to feel the beauty of nature park inside your house.

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