51 Baltas Butas, The Comfort Neat White Apartement

Baltas Butas
51 Baltas Butas is a one nice unit apartment with a unique interior. The overall rooms are consist of white color. Therefore, the area looks neat and beautiful at the same times.

51 Baltas Butas is a concept that bring a stylish interior design. The main idea of the interior is to bring the white color all over the room. Furthermore, it combine the color with various modern furniture. Therefore, it becomes a unique stylish place to stay.


The unit apartment located in Vilnius and design by Leva Prunskaite in 2018 ago. Bringing a cool concept of interior selection, the apartment is one of the coolest design that made for a modern living.


The concept of the unit apartment is to make the simple design interior as much as possible. It also want to show the modern style inside the unit. Plus, it show a cool lighting that appear due to the white color theme. See the below pictures for more details in concept.


If we look on more details of the design unit, the overall area is enough space to perform various daily activities. Even with a minimum number of spaces, but the overall concept of the room is great. The interior layout and finishing is beautiful. You can see it clearly on the below pictures that shows various style inside the unit.


There are not much spaces in the unit. But, the overall concept bring sufficient place and area. Therefore, the rooms can be optimized. Even with minimum furniture and interior, it still able to make the unit look great. Furthermore, the selection of the entire design is perfect. That is why the overall rooms of the unit apartment is simply beautiful. See below pictures if you still don’t believe in it.

52 Baltas Butas successfully create a modern living concept. By placing the right furniture at the right place making the unit apartment looks stylish. Not to mention the simple arrangement in all the rooms. Therefore, it is a good place for those who loves an easy style.

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